API Signature: POST http://{SignageIP}:9646/api/timeline

The above API helps a client application push temporary asset content for offline playback for a predefined time interval. 

API Body


   "ContentOverride": false,
   "ContentRewind": false,
   "Asset": {
    "ItemType": 1


AssetIdThe unique ID of an asset to be shown on the signage.
DurationThe time interval the asset will be shown on the signage.
ContentOverrideDefines if the trigger should override the playback of another triggered content.
ContentRewindDefines if the trigger should rewind the current playback on a device as long as the matching asset is currently playing.
 Asset.ItemType1 for Image and 2 for Video.


API Response

Status CodeBody Message
201 - CreatedRequest received.
409 - ConflictSignage is in real-time mode. Offline trigger requests can not be processed.
409 - Conflict

Duration must be 15,30,45 or 60 seconds.