Absolutely! Video walls are visually very appealing, and easier to set up than you might think. The best way is to use commercial-grade displays (i.e. NEC, ViewSonic, LG, Samsung) that support tile matrix mode, so the displays can be "daisy-chained" together via HDMI or DisplayPort. In plain terms this means that your media player connects to display #1, then display #1 connects to display #2, and so on. The displays are smart enough to distribute the input from the media player across themselves, and it means that you only need one player to run your content, rather than a hugely-expensive media controller device with tons of outputs running to all the displays.

The content that you develop and load into XOGO for a video wall should be sized appropriately for the resolution of the combined displays, so it doesn't get pixellated. For example if you were to mount two 1080p displays on top of one another, your content would need to be 1920 pixels wide (the width of one display) by 2160 pixels tall (1080 + 1080 pixels stacked on top of one another). That's all it takes! If this sounds intimidating, please feel free to email us with questions and we'll be happy to help.