XOGO was designed with simplicity and low cost in mind. Our players can be set up in seconds, just by entering a PIN code. We offer some of the lowest pricing in our industry, and you don't need an IT team or any server hardware in order to set up or use our system. Instead we offer two easy-to-use, cloud-connected apps, which are available on all of your favorite app stores:


XOGO Player

Available on the XOGO Mini plus Windows 10, Android, Google Chrome and Fire TV devices. It constantly loops the playlist of graphics, videos and/or dynamic content that you send to it using the manager app.

XOGO Manager

Available for Windows 10 and Android (iOS version coming summer 2019). Allows you to upload your content, create playlists, and control all of your players - whether they are across the room or across the globe!

Both of our apps talk with the XOGO cloud in the background so you can use any combination of players and managers. For example you might have a mixture of XOGO Minis, Windows PC and Chromeboxes set up in different locations, all running our player app.  You can manage all of these players from a single XOGO Manager account, from anywhere in the world.  The possibilities are endless!