Absolutely.  We've tested Seenspire on multiple types of Windows 10 PCs, Windows virtual machines, Fire Sticks, Fire TV televisions from Insignia, and Google Chrome devices, all with great results.  I actually have some Seenspire feeds running on a Fire TV television right next to me.   Do you have a preferred platform?

All of those devices will playback Seenspire quite well as long as the feed is set to minimum graphics.  If you use a Windows 10 PC (i.e. 4GB of RAM or better, Intel Celeron or better) you can even crank up the graphics to medium or full without them looking laggy or pixellated. 

Let us know if you need more info and we'll be happy to help.  Probably your easiest path is to use a Windows 10 PC and install XOGO Player on it, then set the PC to kiosk mode so it starts playing your signage automatically whenever the PC boots up. That way you have a worry-free digital signage player, that can also play heavy graphics like those from Seenspire.