The Mini / Mini 4K are far more secure than most competing devices, for the following reasons:

Small Attack Surface
XOGO devices run Windows 10 IoT Core as the underlying operating system.  This means they are an appliance that only runs one application - XOGO Player.  There’s no desktop, no Windows updates, and in fact no user interface at all aside from the XOGO Player app. The device does not interact with a mouse or keyboard (it’s 100% controlled by the XOGO Manager app) and there’s no way to change the content playing on the device aside from using the XOGO Manager app. 

No USB Playback
Again the only way to add playlists (content) to a Mini is to use the XOGO Manager app, which talks to your XOGO Mini device via our secure cloud (Microsoft Azure). You can’t plug in a USB stick and hack the device, for instance, which is a weakness that many of our competitors have.

Works with Firewalls and Closed Networks

If you need to deploy the Mini in a tight corporate network we can give you a list of the handful of IP addresses that the Mini needs to reach out to in order to download playlists and check for updates, so you can whitelist those and block all other connections (this is rare but people have done it!).  The Mini will also display its MAC address on the initial setup screen when you plug it in, in case you have a network that only allows devices with whitelisted MAC addresses to connect.