Thanks for your interest! We have three paths to market:


We sell our hardware directly via our website, and Amazon stores around the world. Pro subscription licenses are paid via credit card right from the manager app.

XOGO Inside

We offer hardware partners (i.e. ViewSonic) XOGO Player software to bundle on their own devices completely free of charge, and also offer the hardware partner a revenue share for all XOGO customers using that specific hardware platform. Essentially we provide a free value-add for hardware manufacturers, and also share the profits from paying users.  Please see this page for details.


In the US / Canada we work through a very reputable technology distributor called Synnex. We sell Synnex hardware and XOGO software licenses at a discount. Synnex sells onward to resellers and large enterprise clients.  Resellers benefit from recurring annual revenue, as their end-user customers purchase a new user license for each player each year. Please contact us for an introduction to Synnex if you are located in the US / Canada, or if you would like to discuss distribution in other countries.