You can display any webpage in XOGO that can be viewed in a browser. (However, bear in mind that the page cannot be password-protected, because there's no way to enter a username and password when the webpage is displayed on a TV.)

In order to display a webpage in XOGO please download this simple html document* and open it on your computer with TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows). Replace the XOGO URL inside the file with your webpage's URL, and then save the file. Important: do not change the file name, it must be named index.html.

Now zip the html file. To do this on a Mac just right-click the file and choose Compress. On a Windows 10 machine, right-click the file and choose Send to > Compressed Folder. Now you can rename the zip file something descriptive, i.e. My Cool Webpage and load it into XOGO just like any other graphic or video. It will appear as a blue icon in XOGO Manager, like in the image below.

*If your screen is mounted vertically in portrait mode, use this html document instead