XOGO is indeed capable of running on multiple screens.  There are a few possible scenarios here so let’s discuss them all:

Multiple Screens / Different Content 
If you want to play different content on each screen independently then you would need one player (i.e. XOGO Mini or your own Windows, Android, Chrome or Fire TV device) connected to each screen.  You can set up different playlists and content schedules for every player if you want, and control them all independently.  Since you have more than one player in this scenario you would need a XOGO pro subscription ($20/player/month or $180/player/year).

Multiple Screens / Mirrored Content
If you want to have two or more screens all playing the same content at the same time, you can set up a single XOGO player (i.e. XOGO Mini) and then use an HDMI splitter to send the same content to all of them at the same time. You can do this with a free or pro account.

Multiple Screens Operating as a Video Wall
If you want to run two or more screens as a video wall (one image stretched across multiple displays) then you would need a XOGO Enterprise device so you can set a custom resolution on the player to match the total resolution of the screens (i.e. four 1080 screens arranged in a square would be 3840px wide by 2160px tall).  Your screens can either be daisy-chained together (often called “tile matrix” mode) or you can use the graphics software on the player to send just a portion of the image to each screen via its HDMI or DisplayPort outputs. Since 4k output is a pro feature, you would need a XOGO pro subscription for this ($20/player/month or $180/player/year).

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