When the Mini 2 loses WiFi it should recover when the WiFi returns. For security reasons there can be a few instances when the Mini 2 does not reconnect to the original WiFi. In this case you will need to manually reconnect. Today you will also need to manually reconnect if you want to change WiFi networks. In both cases you will need a keyboard. 

Keyboard: We do our best to never require a keyboard. However, you can connect a keyboard and force the XOGO Mini hotspot to activate allowing you to send new or updated WiFi credentials. After connecting a keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+h and the XOGO hotspot will activate. Next, connect your device to the XOGO hotspot. After connecting to the XOGO network, open a browser and enter into your browser. Finally, you can push your own WiFi settings to the Mini and have it join your WiFi network. You will now be reconnected to your Wifi.