Every XOGO Mini is tested for video output before sold. However, "No video output" has been reported many times. Thus far the XOGO Mini itself has not been the problem. Rather, it has been one of the issues listed blow in the order of likelihood:

1. The display MUST be powered on first before the XOGO Mini is powered on. 

2. The display is on the wrong source input

3. Make sure the SD card is fully inserted. Perhaps shipping vibrated it out a bit. Give it a push to verify.

4. The HDMI cable is not fully plugged in. The Mini case does have thick walls. Re-plug both ends to make sure.

5. Each HDMI cable is not test by XOGO. It's possible (highly unlikely) the HDMI is bad or damaged during install.

6. Each power adapter is not tested by XOGO. It's possible (highly unlikely) the power adapter is bad. When the Mini is powered on, although no lights are exposed on the outside of the case you can look through the slots in the case and see red and green lights. This means the power adapter is working.