XOGO accounts all have a single administrator; they can also have multiple users at no additional charge.  Both admins and users can control the library, playlists and players in the XOGO Manager app but only admins can see billing info or approve/delete users by logging into admin.xogo.io

It’s possible to hand over your admin rights to another user.  If you (the admin) log into admin.xogo.io you’ll see a link in the upper right corner that you can send to others, so they can be added as users on your account.  Then in the menus on the left-hand side you can approve/deny/delete other users or even hand over your admin rights to one of them.

Hope that helps!  For more info see: https://www.xogo.io/digitalsignageblog/2020/1/28/8-ways-to-use-the-xogo-admin-portal