Thankfully this is an easy fix. 

The problem is that pictures from your phone have EXIF metadata which modern phones use to determine orientation. However, chromium (the underlying engine of XOGO) does not yet support this feature for our purpose. The good news is that if you remove the EXIF data, chromium will render the pictures based on the visual orientation you see in XOGO. 

How do you remove EXIF data? 

For privacy reasons this should be built into all phones since it includes location, data and time. Information you may not want to share with the world. Sadley, this isn't an option on many phones by default. That said, be sure to check as your phone might, given that security and privacy are more of a concern today. Thankfully most if not all photo editing software can be used to remove EXIF data. Exporting/Saving as a generic jpg image will do it in most cases. 

For a quick fix right from your phone, check the App Store. Search for EXIF. You will find many free or paid EXIF editors that will allow you to strip EXIF data from your pictures. Some can even do many at a time and delete the original versions to avoid any confusion prior to uploading to XOGO!