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How do I connect my XOGO Mini 2 to a different WiFi network?
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Note: These instructions apply to the XOGO Mini 2 only. This does not apply to the Mini 1 (metal case) or Mini 2b. The Mini 2 will have a black screen with roller bar on bootup. The Mini 2b will have a white screen with large XOGO LOGO on boot.  


To change the WiFi network on the Mini 2 you just need to connect a keyboard to the device. Plug in a USB keyboard, press ctrl+shift+R and your Mini 2 should reboot. (If it doesn’t reboot it means that the keyboard is not talking to the Mini 2 so please re-connect the keyboard, or try a different keyboard.)


Next press ctrl+shift+H and the XOGO hotspot will activate. Now you can connect your personal device (phone, tablet, or computer) to the XOGO hotspot (password: xogoplayer). The hotspot may reject the password a couple of times due to services starting up. Keep trying. Upon connecting to the XOGO hotspot, open a browser on your device and navigate to Now you can push your own WiFi settings to the Mini 2 and make it join your WiFi network. Finally, unplug the keyboard and use the XOGO Manager app to manage the Mini 2.

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