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folder-icon Audio won't work on the XOGO Mini 2 folder-icon Best video encoding settings for optimized digital signage playback folder-icon Can I add another user to my XOGO account? folder-icon Can I leave XOGO Mini turned on 24/7? folder-icon Can I manage multiple players across different locations? folder-icon Can I power the XOGO Mini 2 with USB power? folder-icon Can I remotely reboot my XOGO Mini? folder-icon Can I run XOGO Manager on a Mac? folder-icon Can I run XOGO Player / Manager on different platforms? folder-icon Can I run XOGO Player on my Google Chrome device? folder-icon Can I set up more than one digital sign? folder-icon Can I split the screen into "zones"? folder-icon Can I upgrade the XOGO Mini 2 device to a XOGO Mini 2b? folder-icon Can I use a URL in my playlist if it points to a password-protected webpage? folder-icon Can I use Microsoft Powerpoint Content? folder-icon Can I use the URL asset type to play videos? folder-icon Can I use YouTube URLs in my XOGO Digital Signage playlist? folder-icon Can I white-label XOGO with my own branding? folder-icon Can XOGO Mini turn my TV on / off? folder-icon Can XOGO stream ZOOM meetings to Digital Signage? folder-icon Can XOGO work with multiple displays arranged as a video wall? folder-icon Can you help me develop my content? folder-icon Can you tell me about XOGO Mini's security features? folder-icon Connecting Mini 2b to Wi-Fi or changing Wi-Fi folder-icon Does the XOGO Mini work with captive portal networks? folder-icon Does XOGO have special pricing for non-profits? folder-icon Does XOGO offer enterprise pricing? folder-icon Does XOGO offer payment by PO, Check, ACH or ETF? folder-icon Does XOGO still work if my media player loses WiFi? folder-icon Does XOGO work with touch screens? folder-icon Do I have the XOGO Mini 2 or Mini 2b? folder-icon Do I lose my free XOGO player when I upgrade to PRO? folder-icon Do I need to subscribe to to use XOGO on BrightSign players? folder-icon How can I access the XOGO Mini Series 2 SD card? folder-icon How can I change a monthly XOGO subscription to an annual XOGO subscription? folder-icon How can I connect XOGO Mini to a WiFi network with a hidden SSID? folder-icon How can I install XOGO applications if the Windows Store is blocked by our corporate policy? folder-icon How can I schedule my XOGO Mini to turn on/off? folder-icon How can I switch what XOGO Digital Signage subscription is assigned to a player? folder-icon How does Realtime mode work? folder-icon How do I add additional users to my XOGO account? folder-icon How do I add a webpage / content feed to my XOGO playlist? folder-icon How do I connect my XOGO Mini 2 to a different WiFi network? folder-icon How do I connect my XOGO Mini (version 1 only) to WiFi? folder-icon How do I delete a XOGO player license? (Cancel a XOGO Subscription so it won’t renew) folder-icon How do I find the resolution of an image or video? folder-icon How do I fix the error message that says "no visible assets"? folder-icon How do I generate my own receipt for a XOGO subscription? folder-icon How do I get my content from the XOGO Manager app to the XOGO? folder-icon How do I return a malfunctioning XOGO Mini? folder-icon How do I run XOGO in portrait mode? folder-icon How do I set up a video wall on the XOGO Enterprise Seneca Quad folder-icon How do I set up my XOGO digital signs? folder-icon How do I set up my XOGO Mini 2? folder-icon How do I setup XOGO Time, Temp and News Widgets for free using overlays folder-icon How do I transfer admin rights to my XOGO account? folder-icon How do I upgrade my XOGO account? folder-icon How long does it take for changes made in XOGO Manager to appear in XOGO Player? folder-icon How many images and/or videos can I store on the Mini? folder-icon How much does XOGO cost? folder-icon How to use XOGO Advanced Scheduling folder-icon I don't think my playlist is updating folder-icon If I make changes to a playlist, do I need to do anything so my XOGO player(s) receive those changes? folder-icon I got an "Unable to reach device" or "Device Unavailable" message. What do I do? folder-icon I have a message on my screen saying to check folder-icon I'm having problems uploading my videos. folder-icon I'm interested in becoming a XOGO reseller. Where can I find more information? folder-icon I'm seeing an error message on-screen that says "no visible assets found". How do I fix this? folder-icon I need a new HDMI cable for the Mini 2 folder-icon I only have one XOGO player per free account. Can my accounts be flagged? folder-icon I purchased a XOGO Pro subscription from a reseller. Where do I enter my license code? folder-icon I purchased credit via PO or Reseller. Now I'm trying to add players to XOGO Manager but I don't see any available licenses. folder-icon I see a XOGO Logo on my screen. XOGO Mini 1. What do I do? folder-icon Is the Mini 2 a Raspberry Pi 4? folder-icon Is the XOGO Mini a secure device? folder-icon I turn the power off at night. Why do the screens startup black? folder-icon I uploaded new content but it's not playing on my XOGO player. folder-icon Make your own XOGO Windows Appliance! Kiosk Mode and Auto-Login folder-icon Mini 2 WiFi Setup - After you connect to the Mini hotspot folder-icon My Amazon Fire Stick keeps crashing or turning off. folder-icon My company requires me to put XOGO digital signage media players behind a firewall. What are the URLs and IP ranges that we need to whitelist so the players will still function properly? folder-icon My device doesn't support the XOGO portrait mode setting folder-icon My image or video isn't playing, is skipped, or comes up black folder-icon My XOGO Media Player is not working or has a black screen folder-icon My XOGO Mini has no video output or a black screen folder-icon Now that I've upgraded to XOGO PRO, can I downgrade to XOGO FREE? folder-icon Our organization can't use a credit card and must use a PO folder-icon Pictures from my phone have the wrong orientation folder-icon Please have admin check the status of your XOGO account. folder-icon Some of my videos are louder than others. Can I adjust the volume somehow? folder-icon Special Mini 2 Keyboard Commands folder-icon Use Handbrake to optimize and fix failing videos on your XOGO Digital Signage folder-icon Videos are skipping or freezing on my XOGO Mini. folder-icon What are the new XOGO Mini2 secure case features? folder-icon What can XOGO users do versus XOGO admins? folder-icon What does my content have letterboxing (black bars) on the sides? folder-icon What file types does XOGO support? folder-icon What if I need to factory reset my XOGO Mini 2 to factory settings? folder-icon What if I need to factory reset my XOGO Mini (version 1)? folder-icon What if I want to display just one item (i.e. menu board) full time? folder-icon What is playlist playback sync used for? folder-icon What is the difference between free and pro? folder-icon What is the warranty coverage for the XOGO Mini line of digital signage players? folder-icon What kind of HDMI / Video cable does the XOGO Mini use? folder-icon What resolutions and frame rates does XOGO Mini support? folder-icon What tools does XOGO recommend for creating or optimizing videos and images? folder-icon What type of displays do you recommend? folder-icon Where can I find the MAC address of my XOGO Mini? folder-icon Where can I find XOGO educational videos on YouTube? folder-icon Which versions of Android do you support? folder-icon Which versions of Windows do you support? folder-icon Why does all of my scheduled content go into a single playlist? folder-icon Why doesn't my player PIN code work? folder-icon Why XOGO Does Not Offer Subscription Refunds folder-icon XOGO Mini 2b lost its WiFi connection. folder-icon XOGO Player for LG WebOS won't play videos.
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