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Is the Mini 2 a Raspberry Pi 4?
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The Mini 2 is much more than an RPi4! We support digital signage in over 20 countries today and we chose the RPi4 hardware for many reasons including availability and supportability. However, under the covers the Mini 2 has a highly optimized Linux firmware load that does one thing VERY well, digital signage. Proof point: Our software load is only 500M where the bloated Raspbian image designed to support any hobbyist is over 2GB!


The Mini 2 is a true signage appliance. This allows XOGO to extend the media player functionality and security quickly and easily in a globally supportable way. You can't hack the Mini 2 as it's a closed system designed to talk to the XOGO Cloud. You control the Mini 2 through options available via XOGO Manager and Don't think you're going to SSH or Putty your way in! :)

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