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How do I connect my XOGO Mini (version 1 only) to WiFi?
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ALERT: The original Mini 1 device has gone into end of life. It has been an amazing device for XOGO. However, the underlying operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and the chipset is no longer supported by Qualcomm. As a result XOGO is limited in our ability to deliver updates. Please feel free to continue to use the device with this in mind. If you are looking to upgrade please visit:




XOGO Mini 1 only (metal case version - EOL January 2023) - In order to connect your XOGO Mini to WiFi, simply push your network name/password to the Mini from the XOGO Manager app.


XOGO Manager for Windows 10 / Android:


Open XOGO Manager and click on your player, then in the player setup screen click on Bluetooth Connect.  You should then see your XOGO Mini appear in the list of devices. You can click on it and then select your WiFi network name, enter the password and click the Send Configuration button. Please see screenshots below.


Important: if you don’t see your XOGO Mini in the list of devices, you may need to reboot it and then hit refresh.  The Mini will constantly broadcast its Bluetooth signal if it has never been connected to an account.  Once it’s been connected to a XOGO account, it will only broadcast Bluetooth for the first 60 seconds each time after it boots up (it’s a security feature).




XOGO Manager for iOS:


With iOS you don't use Bluetooth. You must have your Mini connected via ethernet to start. Click on your Mini under Players then click on WIFI CONFIGURATION in the top right corner. Enter your network details and click SEND TO PLAYER.  The Mini will connect to your WiFi and you can then disconnect the ethernet cable.


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