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Connecting Mini 2b to Wi-Fi or changing Wi-Fi
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The initial setup screen will walk you through the out-of-box experience. What if you run into problems such as the need to change WiFi networks or the Captive portal didn't redirect you to the setup page. Captive portals can be blocked by corporate or local machine policies.


The Mini 2b constantly checks for a connection. If it loses it's connection the device will start broadcasting it's own network called "XOGO Connect". Simply connect your personal device (phone, PC, etc) to XOGO Connect and within a few seconds you will be directed to a webpage that allows you to setup the XOGO Mini 2b Wi-Fi. If for some reason your device is not redirected you can browse to


Note: To change to a different WiFi network you will need to bring down the original WiFi or move the Mini out of WiFi range.

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